Have your SCA Highlights gone missing?
We are aware that some email providers have incorrectly identified our highlights as junk (or "spam'). This may cause your emails to not be delivered to you. After 5 unsuccessful delivery attempts, we are required to automatically remove your address from our mailing list.

What can you do to get the information you need?
1. Add webmaster@manhassetsca.org to your email contacts list. Make sure you add this directly through your email provider (by logging into your email through a web browser), and not just in your local Contacts app on your phone or tablet.
2. Check your junk folder, and if it's there, mark the email from the SCA as "Not Junk".
3. Email us at webmaster@manhassetsca.org. We can check if your emails are getting bounced, or if the mail provider has removed you from our lists.
4. Use our website, www.ManhassetSCA.org. It's updated with our highlights every Sunday.

Questions? Email us at webmaster@manhassetsca.org.