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What is the Manhasset SCA (School Community Association)?

It is our district’s version of a PTO.

Who comprises the organization?

The SCA consists of parents, interested residents of the community, and members of the school faculty and unites these various facets of the public school district into one dynamic and effective organization.

What is the purpose of the Manhasset SCA?

Our purpose is to promote closer cooperation between teachers and parents, school and community and to further at all times the best interests of and highest advantages in physical, mental, social and ethical education of our young people. View the SCA Bylaws>>

How does the SCA meet this challenge?

  • Parent meetings are held monthly and are listed in the school calendar. The meetings are conducted by the Parent Council Presidents. The Principal of each school is present and shares information with attendees. Key school personnel are regularly invited to discuss matters pertinent to your child’s education. Parents are urged to attend meetings of the schools in which they have children enrolled.

  • There are many wonderful committees available that target specific areas of a child’s experience at their school. See your school’s Parent Council list for committee contacts.

  • Special programs are held throughout the year that gives school children of our district an opportunity to enjoy extracurricular activities and enrich their school experience

    To learn more about our Elementary programs, view the SCA Elementary School Committee Guidelines>>

How does the SCA acquire its funds?

Fundraising is an important part of providing your child the best educational experience. Annual membership fees are $30 per family. In addition, 2 major fundraisers are held each year: the SCA Luncheon and the SCA Fair. There is an extraordinary participation of parents, faculty and community at these events that contribute to exciting community cohesiveness.

How are the funds used?

SCA uses the funds to provide a variety of programs to enrich the education and social life of Manhasset’s children:

  • Curriculum-Related Enrichment Programs including dance performances, guest authors, Science Museum presentations, and more.

  • Saturday Series Recreational Program for grades K-6 with courses ranging from Karate to Cooking to Chess.

  • Family Theater Series with two live Saturday matinee performances a year.

  • Recreational Programs, such as the Halloween parties and dances are organized.

  • Summer Studies Awards are given to High School juniors to explore individual areas of interest.

  • College Grants are provided to graduating seniors who need financial help in paying for post-secondary education.

  • Book Fairs & Family Activities are arranged by the SCA and funds are used to ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to participate in all events.

  • SCA Website features timely issues of concern to the school district and the community are posted here. These include school meetings, events, school closings, weekly updates, community events and community forum. If you wish to receive automatic e-mail updates on SCA events and district happenings, click here and follow the instructions to subscribe.

How can I get in touch with SCA Board Members and Committees?

Click here to go to a current listing of SCA Board Members.  This list includes your school’s SCA President whom you can contact regarding your school’s committees.