Community Education

The Community Education Committee’s goal is to raise community awareness and provide clarity regarding issues pertinent to the education mission of the Manhasset School District.

About the CEC

In years past, the CEC has limited its activities to raising awareness about the annual school budget and ensuring all eligible residents get to the polls in May.

Now the CEC has expanded its charter to include planning and arranging discussion groups, community forums, and guest speakers as well as writing relevant newspaper articles with the goal of raising community awareness and providing clarity on issues surrounding the Manhasset Public School District.

Broadly, our goals will include:

  1. Promoting community input and providing constructive avenues for residents to offer feedback.
  2. Working closely with other governmental agencies and bodies to address local concerns and issues.
  3. Collaborating with other school committees and community organizations to strengthen partnerships between staff, student, parents and residents to support teaching and learning.

The ultimate objective is engagement and interactivity,and we hope you will join The Community Education Committee.