Educational Grants

The Educational Grants Committee provides distribution of SCA funds for furthering the post-secondary education of Manhasset High School graduates in financial need.

Educational Grants

The Educational Grants Committee provides funds for the post-secondary education of Manhasset High School graduates in financial need. The program allows the grants to be provided throughout college with the students reapplying each year. It is an excellent opportunity for our school community to continue to support our students as they further their education.

This year, the SCA and the Manhasset Student Aid Association (MSAA) have combined their application forms for ease of use. If you are applying to BOTH the Manhasset SCA and to the MSAA organizations, you will need to send each a copy of your application. Your application is reviewed individually by each group and the monetary award is not affected if you apply to both.

Students are required to complete an application providing financial information and plans for college.   Applications are reviewed in June by a committee comprised of SCA members and guidance counselors.

Applications should be in by June 9, 2024.

Click here to download the Grant Application.