Health & Wellness

The Health and Wellness Committee’s purpose is to have an active role in enhancing the physical and emotional well-being of our students. This includes ensuring the delivery of high quality nutritious food, promoting a coordinated school health program where parents are active participants, and facilitating a healthy lifestyle.

Health & Wellness Initiatives

Cafeterias: Monitor the food quality, quantity and service of food by our Cafeteria provider, Whitson’s

Lunch and Recess Committee: Collaborate with this committee to ensure optimal delivery of food and promote physical wellness during recess.

Joint CASA/SCA Health and Wellness Week: District-wide events will be held during Physical Education class that promote physical activity, good nutrition, and overall wellness. Our committee will work with CASA and the Health and the Physical Education staff to secure volunteers and plan appropriate activities for these events at each school. Traditionally a poster contest is held in the elementary schools, and the Middle School will celebrate "Kick Butts Day". Plus, all students attending the Secondary School can participate in an interactive health fair that will provide hands on information regarding health and fitness.

Aid in the Implementation of the District’s Health Curriculum, “THE GREAT BODY SHOP". Future Health and Wellness Activities will enrich the district's coordinated health education program.

District Wellness Policy: Convene with District Oversight Committee to review and update policy from 2006.